Special Christmas CD celebrating 5 Years!

To celebrate the 5 years anniversary we have recorded a special cd with some of the musical friends we have made trough the years. Of course we would have done this with all of them... but that would have meant we where making a 10 cd box. (who knows in the future) so we had to make a selection. We decided to try and get a very unique cd with a great mix of independent musical talents. 

 A Christmas with Universe Radio

1. Alexander Franken - Kerstmis in Den Haag
2. David Savage - Your Love
3. BartenofCornelis - Heel de Wereld Kerststal
4. Annette Vogel - You are my Soldier
5. Joep van Leeuwen & Band - Wachtend op...
6. Lyssna - When it turns Dark
7. Brian Sydney - It's almost that Time
8. Maaike Siegerist - Where do Sparrows go

 You can order the CD by sending an email to info@universeradio.nl  The cost for the CD are 5,- euro excl P/P

Please support the participating artists by visiting their websites trough the links below.

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