Paniek en Onrust!

"Paniek en Onrust" or in English "The Panic Show" is a 3 hour show that plays all sorts of music. It truly can go any direction: from rock, country, ballads to pop to Dutch local artists, German schlagers anything you can think of can be played.

A few times a month the show has a theme. Popular ones are Guitar, 80s, Dutch or 90s. The show is hosted by Michiel Bouwmeester and has Bennito Mol as the standard side-kick. 

Michiel started with (illegal) radio at around 10 years old and visited a lot of the big stations. When asked to do an on-line show some years ago he did not hesitate a minute. Since then he has been "on-line" every week. Bennito has always been busy with music. With his great knowledge he is a big assistant during the show. He also has his own dance show called "Dutch Valley".

Listen to the latest episode:

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