November 4, 7440Khz "break-in" show

 On November 4th we had the honor to be the first to use the new channel 292 frequency, 7.440Khz, During a 7 hour broadcast we did our famous mix of new, old and indie... spanning 50 years of music. A massive load of emails and reports came in. Some of the recordings you can find below. 

 Show opener at 10.00 UTC recorded by Domenico, he lives in Reggio Emilia Italia. He used a portable radio indoors!

Michiel playing Kensignton "War". Recorded in Helsinki, Finland recorded by Jouni Kilpinen

Olaf enjoying his show, recorded by Merkouris Gogos in Thessaloniki, Greece on a portable with 5 meter wire!

 Maurice playing old school vinyl, recorded by Horst in Bardudvarnok, Hungary.

Father & Daughter X-Mas show 24/12/17

On the 24th we did a 3 hour long X-mas show on and 6.070Khz, 49Meter. Rainer from Channel292 had prepped the  transmitter in perfect state and the signal was again heard all over Europe. Below there are a few clips recorded in various place around Europe.  A little "wink" to the VOP and Abie in the jingles :)

Side-kick Mariëlle has to adjust to the big shortwave audience :) 

Leurse WinterFair 2017

On 25th and 26th of November Universe Radio was broadcasting live from the M/V Brabant. The ship was moored at the harbor in Etten-Leur, near the site of the winter fair. A small studio was built below decks and most of the Universe dj's visited the ship to broadcast for a few hours. Most of the shows where also broadcasted on 6.070Khz, 49 meter band, trough the Channel 292 transmitter. 

World Wide Celebration on Shortwave

On the 30th of September Universe Radio did a special shortwave broadcast to honor 5 years of independent on-line broadcasting. 

During the show we used 3 different transmitters sites on various frequencies. 

- 15.230Khz from Gavar, Armenia

-  9.330Khz from Monticello, America

- 6.070Khz from Rohrback, Germany

After the show we have had many reports from all over the world:

Germany, European-Russia, Asiatic-Russia, Spain, Poland, England, Sweden, Scotland, Belarus, Austria, Colombia, Italy, France, United States, Belgium, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgarije, Monaco, Greece and more!

Below you will find some recordings made by our listeners.

The map below shows the listeners who where connected trough the internet on the 30th of September.

Reception Report

 You can send your paper reception report to the following address:

Universe Radio

Wilhelminalaan 51

4872 BW Etten - Leur

The Netherlands

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