A clever system to broadcast!

In today's economy it looks simple and easy to run a 24/7 radio station. And although the technical side is much easier than it was many years ago it still demands a lot of effort, time and money. When Universe Radio started 5 years ago we wanted to last long time, a very long time. The first thing to keep in mind is money. Don't spend what you do not have.... So we came up with a system of (relative) cheap servers to maintain a good redundancy. Also by having multiple studios decentralized we can switch if needed. Since some of those studios are even outside of the Netherlands it truly is an international network.

We have ever since used this clever system of multiple privately owned studios and audio/video stream servers. These systems and studios are all linked together through the Internet. Throughout the last 5 years we have been able to have a 99.9% uptime. Of course things go wrong, and hardware fails but with the help of many music fans we have been able to make the station very robust and reliable.

When Universe Radio started we only had 1 192 kbps/MP3 stream available. Currently there many options to listen to us. The highest quality is 576/88 Khz AAC+ (for real high end audio) and the lowest is 64kbps aac+ to use on you phone or in areas with little bandwidth available. Regardless of the stream you will always get the best audio possible for that stream.

For a privately run station we believe we have done well :)

Below you will find some pictures of the studios and equipment we have and are still using.

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